Serendipity Seasoned Salt - With MSG

Serendipity Seasoned Salt - With MSG

$ 3.11
An all-in-one seasoning that can be used on anything one would normally place salt on. Our first product, it has been in production since 1975. 

CONTAINS: Salt, Dehydrated Onion and Garlic, Spices, Mono-sodium Glutamate*, Sugar, Corn Starch, and Paprika.

*Mono-sodium Glutamate, or MSG, is the sodium salt of glutamate. Glutamate is a naturally occurring amino acid, found in all protein-containing foods. MSG is comprised of nothing more than water, sodium, and glutamate. MSG is made from starch, corn sugar, or molasses from sugar cane or sugar beets. MSG enhances many food flavors including meats, poultry, seafood, many vegetables, soups, stews, meat-based sauces and snack foods.

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